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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Amazon Reveals Sony NEX-5 Specs

sony nex-5n specs picture

Sony NEX-5N with new 16.1 MP Sensor

The Sony NEX-5N on Amazon reveals the much awaited specs for the new camera. Here are the highlights:
  • 16.1 MP Exmor APS HD CMOS image sensor
  • Maximum 25600 ISO for extreme low light images.
  • Full 1080p HD movie shooting 60p/24p - 24 frames per second for film like motion capture
  • Photo Creativity Touch - touchscreen lcd.
  • Object Tracking Autofocus (AF) via Touch LCD - lock onto an object using the touchscreen and the NEX-5N will maintain focus as it moves.
  • 20 millisecond shutter lag - fastest interchangeable lens digital camera.
  • Optional XGA OLED Viewfinder - part number FDA-EV1S - 2,395K dot viewfinder. The Olympus VF3 for the Olympus E-P3 is 920k.
  • New LA-EA2 Phase Detect AF Lens Adapter with a translucent mirror. Super fast AF with Sony Alpha lenses including Carl Zeiss AF lenses.
  • 25 point autofocus sensors
  • 430 shot battery life - we were getting around 300 shots with the Sony NEX-5.
  • Projected price of $699 with 18-55mm OSS Lens.

sony nex-5n electronic viewfinder fda-ev1s

Sony NEX-5N FDA-EV1S Electronic Viewfinder

sony nex la-ea2 lens adapter

Sony NEX LA-EA2 Phase Detect AF Lens Adapter with Translucent Mirror

Sony NEX-5N Rear Touchscreen LCD

sony nex-5n specs picture

It looks like Amazon took down the page for now. We will update this post when the NEX-5N shows up again on Amazon.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sony Nex 5 Manual Focus

This video shows us how easy it is to manual focus with the Sony Nex camera. As soon as you touch the focusing ring on the lens the camera will switch the display to zoom in and assist with your target.