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Friday, August 10, 2012

Sony NEX-7 Underwater Housing from Nauticam

sony nex-7 nauticam underwater housing

Nauticam NA-NEX7 Underwater Housing

Here is the Nauticam underwater housing for the Sony Alpha NEX-7. The model number for the housing is NA-NEX7. The NA-NEX7 is an hard annodized aluminum and abrasion resistant polycarbonate armor for your NEX-7. It is rated for 100 meters deep and features a moisture alarm just in case. The NA-NEX7 takes advantage of the TTL hotshoe on the NEX-7 as well as the EVF. It provides access to all controls including the Tri-Navi dials.

sony nex-7 nauticam underwater housing

NA-NEX7 Zoom Knob (top right) works with 18-55mm Lens

sony nex-7 nauticam underwater housing

NA-NEX7 Rear Control Panel

sony nex-7 nauticam underwater housing

NEX-7 with Nikonos Underwater Lens

sony nex-7 nauticam underwater housing

NA-NEX7 Housing with 45 Degree Viewfinder

sony nex-7 nauticam underwater housing

Nauticam NEX-7 Underwater Photo Samples

Here is a smugmug gallery of underwater shots from the NEX-7 with a Nikonos 15mm lens and the Sony 30mm Macro Lens.

sony nex-7 nauticam underwater housing

Size Comparison from Deepshots.Co.UK

Here's says conclusion on their NA-NEX7 underwater housing review:
Conclusion: The Sony NEX-7 with the Nauticam NA-NEX7 housing is the ultimate compact camera package for underwater use. Its image quality competes with full frame SLR’s that can cost up to three times more. The Nauticam housing for the camera is a natural choice if you want to take it underwater. The NA-NEX7 casing is ergonomic and tough piece of kit. Recommended.

Nauticam NA-NEX7 Overview from

For more information on the Nauticam NEX-7 Underwater Housing model number NA-NEX7 go to the Nauticam website.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Preview of NEX-7 TriNavi and EVF

Sony NEX-7 TriNavi Demo

The video above shows the Sony NEX-7 TriNavi or Tri-Dial Navi Controls. The new user interface allows for quick and easy adjustments without going into too many menus. Once you have customized and familiarized yourself with the NEX-7 TriNavi adjustments will become second nature. We have never found the NEX-5 controls fuzzy especially after the Firmware 3.0 update which allowed for Customized Softkeys but the TriNavi is definitely an improvement.

The NEX-7 in the video is in Aperture Priority mode and the TriNavi was used to adjust the following:
  • Aperture/Exposure Compensation/ISO
  • Focus Points
  • White Balance
  • Dynamic Range/HDR Adjustments
  • Creative Styles and Adjustments
The NEX-7 is then switched to Picture Effect mode and the TriNavi is used to go through the options.

The video below shows the Sony Alpha SLT-a77's electronic viewfinder (EVF), which is the same XGA 2.35 Million dot OLED EVF used on the Sony NEX-7. The video shows a horizon / level indicator and the data overlays available in the EVF. We cannot confirm if this will be exactly the same as the NEX-7's EVF but it should be fairly close.

Sony SLT-A77 EVF Demo

sony nex-7 trinavi dial demo

Sony NEX-7 TriNavi Tri-Dial Controls

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The New Sony NEX-5N?

sony nex-5n camera

The New Sony NEX-5N?

A member of the forums, stevenyu123, has posted pictures of what could be the new Sony NEX-5N. The NEX-5N surfaced for a new Sony commercial which is being filmed in China.

We can see that the Flash marking on the wheel seems to be gone and that there is an extra button on the top panel, to the right of the Movie button. Sony may have relocated the Playback button.

sony nex-5n camera

A Scene From the NEX-5N Commercial

Thanks stevenyu123!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Change ISO Settings on the Nex 5 Quickly

Here's a video showing the much maligned Sony Nex user interface. It shows us how quickly one can change ISO settings and adjust Exposure Compensation very quickly.