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Sony NEX FA-EX1S Flash Extender with NEX-5H

albnok was at Sony Power of Digital Imaging launch in Malaysia and got a glimpse at an interesting widget. Here is the FA-EX1S flash extender which comes with the NEX-5H kit, NEX-5 + 18-200mm OSS lens.

This widget, FA-EX1S, works with the standard flash and moves it up so that the 18-200mm does not cast a shadow in flash photos.

see more at

Sony NEX-5 18-200mm OSS and the Zoo

fujihide took his NEX-5 and 18-200mm OSS Zoom Lens to the Ueno Zoo and captured the images below.

Check out the rest at flickr.

Sony NEX Rebotnix Falcon8 UAV

Rebotnix Technologies needed a lightweight, high resolution camera for their Falcon8+ unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) - a perfect job for the Sony NEX-5. Rebotnix provides the complete solution, if you want to build your own UAV check out our post with the mikrokopter oktokopter.

about Rebotnix Technologies:
rebnotnix creates HighEnd components that make a difference in the world. From flying inside our office with the first UAV Asctec Hummingbird we are constantly working towards delivering the best possible flying plattforms for our customers. The rebotnix Falcon8+ is based on Asctec Falcon8.

Founded in 2010 by Gerd Hilgemann and with strong collaboration with Ascending Technologies the Falcon8+ was originally designed to be an easy-to-fly, low-maintenance UAV which evolved into a camera platform and was then refined into the professional videography apparatus it is today. rebotnix flying plattforms are extremely sophisticated, high performance easy-to-fly machines.
Check out the Rebotni…

Sony NEX RRS Tripod Quick Release Plate

Sony NEX-5 with Leica TRI-ELMAR-M 28-35-50mm f/4.0 ASPHVolker found a great solution for those using the Sony NEX extensively on tripods. Standard quick release plates are too big and heavy for the NEX but this Really Right Stuff Mini Plate (RRS Part Number: BPnS-S) is a perfect fit and can stay on the body all day.

Thanks V.H.!

View NEX 3D Photos with Sony PS3 PlayMemories

Seb sent us an email with a video to the new Sony PlayMemories application for the Sony PlayStation 3. PlayMemories allows PS3 owners to view Sony NEX 3D Sweep Panorama photos on a 3D television. Check out the end of the video for the multi angle views of 3D photos, similar to the one's you can make with SeteroPhotoMaker.

from Sony EU:
PlayMemories is a new application for PS3™ that lets you organize and view 3D still images captured with the growing range of 3D-compatible cameras by Sony.

Available for free download from PlayStation®Store, PlayMemories offers a whole new experience for PS3™ users to view their collection of 2D and 3D photos. Select a picture and zoom in or out using your DUALSHOCK®3 or SIXAXIS™ wireless controller: it’s easy, intuitive and fun.

There’s a growing choice of 3D-capable digital cameras from Sony. 3D Sweep Panorama captures extra-wide 3D scenes: just press the shutter button and sweep the camera from side to side. Cameras offering 3D Sweep Panorama curr…

List of Sony SAM SSM Lenses for the LA-EA1 Adapter

Sony NEX-5, LA-EA1 adapter, Zeiss 24mm Distagon
So which of the Sony Alpha Lenses will work with the Sony NEX and the LA-EA1 Lens Adapter when Firmware V3.0 comes out? Sony Alpha Lenses with SAM (Smooth Autofocus Motor) and SSM (Super Sonic Wave Motor) will be able to autofocus with the Sony NEX LE-EA1, according to the Sony Press release. So here is a list of Alpha Lenses with SAM or SSM:
Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 24mm f/2 ZA SSM (36 mm - equivalent focal length on the NEX)CZ Vario-Sonnar® T* 16-35 mm f2.8 Zoom SSM (24 - 52.5 mm)CZ Vario-Sonnar® T* 24-70 mm f2.8 Zoom SSM (36 - 105 mm)Sony Alpha 30mm f/2.8 Macro Lens SAM (45mm)SA 35 mm f/1.8 SAM (52.5 mm)SA 50 mm f/1.8 SAM (75 mm)SA 85 mm f/2.8 SAM (127.5 mm)SA 300 mm f/2.8 G SSM (450 mm)SA DT 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 Zoom Lens SAM (27 - 82.5 mm)SA 28-75 mm f/2.8 Zoom Lens SAM (42 - 112.5 mm)SA 55-200 mm f/4-5.6 Zoom Lens SAM (82.5 - 300 mm)SA 70-200mm f/2.8 G SSM (105 - 300 mm)SA 70-300 mm f/4-5.6 G Zoom Lens SSM (105 - 450 mm)SA 70-400 mm f…

Sony NEX-5 with a Voigtlander 50mm Nokton

SeattleSteve posted some sample photos from his NEX-5 with a Cosina Voigtlander 50mm f/1.1 Nokton. If you want to play in low light and don't have the Leica Noctilux handy, the CV Nokton is the way to go.
You will need a Leica M to Sony NEX (E-mount) adapter to use the CV 50mm Nokton on the Sony NEX.

Sony NEX-5 with a Nokton vs a Leica M8 with a Summicron 50

here are some photos taken by SeattleSteve with the Nokton 50.

Thanks for the photos SeattleSteve!

Sony NEX-5 with Dicapac Waterproof Case

Ant sent us this capture of an AVCHD video made with the Sony NEX-5. The NEX was protected from the salt water with an inexpensive Dicapac WP-H10 waterproof case. Ant was on his honeymoon at the time as well. Congratulations to the Mr. and Mrs. Ant.

Sony NEX-5 18-55mm OSS in Dicapac WP-H10

Sony NEX with Leica Summarit-M 35mm 2.5

WSpekner's Sony NEX-3 with a 35mm Summarit-M
WSpekner tested out the Leica Summarit-M 35mm f/2.5 on the Sony NEX-3 using a Kipon Leica-M to NEX E-mount adapter. Check out his review and sample photos at

NEX Firmware 3 and Lenses Announced at Photokina 2010

Available from mid-October, a firmware update adds fresh functionality to the NEX-5/NEX-3. Autofocus operation is now supported when using A-mount SAM and SSM lenses with the optional LA-EA1 Mount Adaptor (upgrade for NEX-VG10 is available from mid-November). There’s also a new custom function that allows assignment to buttons of frequently-used functions, plus a new function to record movies with setup aperture.

The growing range of E-mount system cameras, lenses and accessories is on display at Photokina. The compact, beautifully styled NEX-5/NEX-3 feature an APS-C size sensor, allowing photographers to capture DSLR-quality stills and video with the creative freedom of interchangeable lenses. On show are prototypes of seven new E-mount lenses that will be available during 2011 and 2012.

Thanks Sony EU!

We'll have more later on this.

Sony NEX-VG10 Handycam Unboxing

Let's see what's inside the box of a NEX-VG10 Handycam Interchangeable Lens Camcorder.

thanks hardwareinfovideo!

Sony NEX-5 Seatool Underwater Waterproof Housing

Underwater photo taken with NEX-5 and 18-55mm OSS Zoom + Close-up Lens in a Seatool Underwater Housing
Here is another high end underwater housing for the Sony NEX-5. Similar to the Nauticam housing, the Seatool is carved out of aluminum to ensure it can protect the NEX-5 to depths of 60 meters (196.9 feet) underwater. The Seatool housing has options to use either the 16mm pancake lens or the 18-55 OSS E-mount lenses. It uses fiber optics to trigger external flashes with the included Sony NEX flash.

Seatool Underwater Housing for NEX-5 with 16mm Pancake. Flash diffuser available.

Seatool Underwater Housing for NEX-5 with 18-55 OSS Zoom Lens. Flash diffuser available.

Seatool offers multiple color options.

Size comparison NEX-5 vs Canon 550d/T2i Underwater Housing

More underwater shots from the NEX-5 and 18-55mm Zoom.

Check out Seatool for more information on the NEX-5 underwater housing.

Sony NEX-5 Time Lapse Videos

Here are 3 time lapse videos taken with the Sony NEX-5 using the Switch Science Remote Intervalometer we posted back in July. The results look great.

Thanks OkometubuY and ienaga045 for the great shots and editing!

NEX-5 Nauticam Underwater Housing

with the Nauticam Fisheye DomeHere are the renderings of the Nauticam underwater housing for the Sony NEX-5, Nauticam part number NA-NEX5. Their housings are usually rated for 75 to 100 meters (246.1 to 328.1 feet) underwater - the rating for the NA-NEX5 is not published as of yet. The price is also unknown.

Key features of the Sony NEX-5 Nauticam Underwater housing:
• Reliable and rapid port release locking system
• Double safety secured housing lock
• Flash on/off control
• Camera tray allows easy removal of battery and memory card
• Super sensitivity shutter release
• Rocker switch for play and movie control
• Removable optical fibre mounting plate for flexible lighting choices
• Strobe mounting thread on housing providing steady mounting choices
• Focus light cold shoe on top of housing is available
• Rail holder is built providing option for monitoring hood and magnifier
• Wide range of lens port choicesFront view of the Nauticam Sony NEX-5 Underwater Housing
Rear view of the Nauticam Sony …