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Sony NEX-5 iPhone Remote Shutter App

bikr posted a proof of concept for Apple for the upcoming Sony NEX-5 remote shutter release app for the Apple iPhone.
The App sends the Sony NEX-5 an IR signal through a transmitter connected to the iPhone. Two shutter release signals can be sent, immediate release and with a 2 second delay. The Sony NEX-5 remote below has the same capability.

The Sony NEX-5 iPhone Remote Shutter App should also be able to control other Sony Alpha cameras with IR receivers. The NexRemote App will be in the iPhone App Store soon.

A suggestion would be to make it an intervalometer App for time lapse photography.

Sony NEX Shift Lens via Micro Four Thirds

Here's a way to get perspective control on the Sony NEX. We can use a Micro Four Thirds to Sony NEX E-mount Lens Adapter to connect the Fotodiox Shift Adapter shown below. The shift adapter comes in many different mounts which accept Minolta SR, Leica R, Nikon, or Canon.

Here's an example of the perspective control possible with a shift lens. This is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Photo by Gerald.D.

Another option would be to use a Nikon to a Sony NEX E-mount lens adapter and a Nikon PC-E lens. Canon also makes a tilt shift lens and you can use a Canon to Sony NEX E-mount lens adapter.

Sony NEX Balloon Aerial Photography

Berkeley Art Museum from a NEX-5 and a Balloon

Michael L. took out the Sony NEX-5, a helium weather balloon, and 700 ft of dacron tethers to capture some images of the University of California, Berkeley Campus, from up above.
More sample photos from M.L.:

M.L. his weather balloon and the NEX-5

Read more about Michael L's experience with his NEX-5 and a balloon at the KAP Discussion page.

Upcoming Sony NEX E-mount Lenses

Can anyone translate this?
Here is the current schedule for upcoming E-mount lenses for the Sony NEX system from Sony Japan. It looks like we can expect the Sony 30mm (45mm FOV), 50mm (75mm FOV), and 55-200mm (82.5 - 300mm FOV) zoom lenses this year.

The one lens most people are waiting for will also be available soon, the Carl Zeiss 24mm lens is expected to be released this year. The CZ 24mm autofocus NEX lens will provide an equivalent field of view of 36mm, wide angle normal, on the APS-C sensor.

Three more lenses will be available in 2012. Hopefully someone can translate the image above so we can have more information on what they are.

All these E-mount lenses will be autofocus lenses.

Images from Akihabara News.
E-mount: 24mm Zeiss and 50mm Sony Lenses

E-mount: 50mm Sony and 55-200mm Sony Zoom Lenses

Sony NEX Lens Family

Sony CP Plus Booth Video

Thanks to SpacePigTV and Akihabara News, we have a video of what the Sony CP Plus booth looks like. This is where all the good news for the Sony NEX is coming from.

Sony announced that four manufacturers will make E-mount lenses:
Carl Zeiss AG (we already knew that)As an independent lens provider, Carl Zeiss welcomes the disclosure of the “E-mount” specifications by Sony. It helps manufacturer’s product development, benefits customers and therefore assists in establishing “E-mount” as a new, healthy and strong system on the market. Cosina Co, Ltd... is excited by the potential of Sony’s “E-mount” which enables to a large-size image sensor to be incorporated in a compact, interchangeable lens camera. We have high expectations for the “E-mount” with its aims to create a new photography culture, and express its assent to Sony’s decision to provide information related to “E-mount”. Sigma Corporation... fully supports Sony’s decision to disclose basic “E-mount” specifications. We believe this…

Sony NEX Sigma 30mm Lens Mockup

Here is a mockup of an autofocus Sigma 30mm f/2.8 lens for the Sony NEX E-mount. This will give us a normal field of view of 45mm on the NEX's APS-C sensor.

The lens is being shown in the Sony booth at CP+ (Camera and Photo Imaging) convention in Japan. The lens is nice and compact and should be reasonably priced since it is from Sigma.

Thanks Akihabara News!