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NEX Tips and Tricks for Filmmakers

Here is Adam Roberts' tips and tricks on using the NEX-5 for film making. He discusses setting up the soft keys to help in creating videos. He then goes through the custom white balance setting. He used a very flat setting for the videos, reduced contrast, reduced saturation, and reduced sharpness, which was changed through the NEX's Creative Style menu.

After the NEX-5 settings, he discusses the hardware he used. He quickly talks about lens adapters, third party lenses, Lensbaby Tilt Transformer, and follow focus.

NEX-5 with Shoot35 Follow Focus

The last part of the video is on video workflow. Adam R. used AVCHD (.MTS) to film with the NEX-5. The files (.MTS) were then converted to quicktime files (.MOV) by using ClipWrap before using Final Cut Pro to do the final edit.

Here is "Another Yesterday" by Adam Roberts using the tips and tricks in the video above.

Thanks Adam R and for the tip Anon on 6/21!

Helicoid Leica M to NEX E-mount Lens Adapter

Helical Mount Leica M to E-mount Lens Adapter Extended
Helical Mount Leica M to E-mount Lens Adapter Retracted

Hawk's Factory has produced a Leica M lens adapter for the NEX E-mount that incorporates a helicoid. The helical mount, when retracted, places the Leica M lens at the correct flange focal distance from the NEX's APS-C sensor to achieve infinity focus. At minimum focus distance (MFD), the lens can be moved further away from the sensor by using the helicoid, acting like a macro extension tube. This will allow for focusing closer than the lens' native MFD.
The Helicoid Leica M to NEX E-mount Lens Adapter was tested on several lenses and here are the outcomes: SUMMILUX 50/1.4 V1: MFD 1 meter, with adapter 0.43 mSUMMICRON 50/2 V5: MFD 0.75 m, with helicoid adapter 0.38 mHEKTOR 73/1.9: MFD 1.2 m, with helicoid adapter 0.73 mSUMMICRON 90/2 V3: MFD 1 m, with helicoid adapter 0.73 mRangefinder shooters know that MFD is one of the drawbacks of using rangefinder lenses and …

NEX-C3 High ISO Noise Test

246-You posted some high iso shots from the new Sony NEX-C3. The shots range from ISO 200 all the way up to ISO 12800. The noise reduction was varied, Long Exposure NR was Off or On, and High ISO NR was set to Auto or Weak. The Noise Reduction settings on the NEX-C3 can be accessed b going through Menu then Setup.

Read more about the NEX-C3 here.

Sony NEX-C3 High ISO Sample Shots

Thanks 246-You!